2022 Sermons


 Date Text Title Speaker Listen
12/25 Luke 2:1-20


Drew Woods Listen
12/18 Luke 1:26-38

Heaven's Glad Announcement of Messiah's Birth

Drew Woods Listen
12/11 Isaiah 11:1-10

There Shall Come Forth a Shoot from the Stump of Jesse

Drew Woods Listen
12/04 Selected

Second Advent Sunday

Drew Woods Listen
11/27 Selected

Waiting for the King

Drew Woods Listen
11/20 1 Peter 4:7-11

How to Glorify God at the End of the Age

Drew Woods Listen
11/13 Selected

Praise the LORD!

Drew Woods Listen
10/30 Selected

The Common Thread in Jesus, John the Baptist, and Martin Luther

Drew Woods Listen
10/23 1 Peter 3:15

Becoming an Oasis in a Spiritual Desert

Kyle Farran Listen
10/16 Philemon

For the Sake of Christlike Love

Mel Cure Listen
10/09 Hebrews 10:32-39

You Have Need of Endurance

Drew Woods Listen
10/02 Various

Jesus Believed the Bible was the Word of God

Drew Woods Listen
09/25 Mark 15

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Drew Woods Listen
09/18 Various Scriptures

Assurance of Salvation

Drew Woods Listen
09/11 Mark 10:35-45

Even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve; and to give His life as a ransom for many.

Drew Woods Listen
09/04 Philippians 1:18-26

What is Your Only Comfort in Life and Death?

(How to Die Well)

Drew Woods Listen
08/28 Selected

Three Most Dangerous Prayers

Mark Emmons Listen
08/21 Philippians 4:21-23

Conclusion to Philippians

Drew Woods Listen
08/14 Philippians 4:10-20

Paul Has Great Joy in the Philippians' Missionary Support Part 2

Drew Woods Listen
08/07 Philippians 4:10-20

Paul Has Great Joy in the Philippians' Missionary Support Part 1

Drew woods Listen
07/24 Philippians 4:4-7

Paul Begins Final Instructions to Philippians

Drew Woods Listen
07/17 Philippians 4:2-3

Paul Urges 2 Dear Gospel Advancers to Come to Agreement and for Others to Help This Happen

Drew Woods Listen
07/10 Philippians 3:17-4:1

Follow the Example of Godly Men

Drew Woods Listen
07/03 Ecclesiastes

Above the Sun

Mel Cure Listen

Joining God at Work

Kyle Farran Listen
06/19 Philippians 3:1-16

Paul and the Healthy Christian Life

Drew Woods Listen
06/12 Isaiah 40

"Look Up"

Camp Selah Sunday

Mark Emmons Listen
06/05 Philippians 3:1-11 Paul's Example of Treasuring Christ Drew Woods Listen
05/29 Philippians 2:25-30 Give Honor to the Men Who Risked Their Lives for the Advance of the Gospel Drew Woods Listen
05/22 Philippians 2:19-24 Paul's Desire to Send Timothy - an Example of a Gospel Centered Life Drew Woods Listen
04/17 John 20 Believe in the Resurrected Jesus Drew Woods Listen
04/10 John 12:1-33 Jesus is Welcomed into Jerusalem & Announces the Victory of His Cross Drew Woods Listen
04/03 Philippians 2:5-11 Adopt the Humble Servant Attitude of Christ Drew Woods Listen
03/27 Philippians 2:1-4 Paul's Passionate Plea for Christian Unity Drew Woods Listen
03/20 Philippians 1:27-30 Together, Embrace a Lifestyle Worthy of the Gospel Drew Woods Listen
03/13 Philippians 1:18b-26 Paul's Mindset:  Living for Jesus is a "win-win"! Drew Woods Listen
03/06 Philippians 1:12-18 Imprisoned for the Advance of the Gospel Drew Woods Listen
02/27 Philippians 1:9-11 Paul Prays for the Philippians Drew Woods Listen
02/13 Acts 16 Introduction to Philippians Drew Woods Listen
02/06 Selected Living Your Faith Tony Pepe Listen
01/23 Selected Scriptures Jesus is Precious Drew Woods Listen
01/16 Mark 9 Messiah Came to Serve and Suffer Drew Woods Listen
 01/09 Selected Scriptures Treasuring Christ in 2022 Drew Woods Listen


Selected Scriptures  Membership is Like Marriage Mel Cure Listen

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