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Pastor Drew Woods Email: ccbcdrew@gmail.com

Drew Woods grew up in a small town in Southern Indiana called Mitchell, IN, where he graduated from Mitchell High School in 1981. He then received a diploma in Bible and Theology from Moody Bible Institute (Chicago) in 1984, and a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies from Grace College (Winona Lake, IN) in 1986 and later received a Certificate in Biblical Studies from Grace Theological Seminary in 1990. 


Pastor Drew met his wife, Diana, during his last year of Bible College in Chicago. God has blessed them with five wonderful children, three excellent sons-in-law, and two grandsons. Pastor Woods said it best, "Our children are all reminders of God to us. We are thankful to God for them and how they influence us to love God more." 


As he was growing up, and even while attending Bible College, the last thing he desired was to be a pastor. However, as God began to show him more and more of His all-surpassing excellence, he felt compelled to spend his life proclaiming the gospel to others and teaching others of this wonderful God he was getting to know. He preached at his home church in Indiana, and then began to preach the Sunday Evening Service at East Side Bible Church in Chicago during one summer while he resided there. Eventually God began to confirm through other Christians in the local church, that he was gifted to preach and teach.


Upon graduation from Grace Seminary, he was contacted by CCBC through a connection with Moody Bible Institute.


The Woods' came to Cement City in the spring of 1991. Pastor Drew preached the Word and met with the pulpit committee, and was called to be our pastor, and officially began ministry here in June of that year.  



"I love the saints of CCBC. I love their heart for God and people. I hope to help them walk with Jesus as much as they have helped me." - Pastor Woods

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