Established in 1848

On January 31, 1848, one acre of ground was purchased in “Kelley’s Corners”, Michigan, from Uriah and Ruann Every for $25.00, for the purpose of establishing a church. The building was put together, using timbers cut from adjoining land, hewn by hand, and fastened together with wooden pegs. Thus, “Columbia Baptist Church”, as it was then known, came into existence.


The name of the church was changed on April 11, 1930 to “Cement City Baptist Church”. Years later, it would be called the  “First Baptist Church”, and then again changed back to “Cement City Baptist Church”. This later change reflected that the church would no longer belong to the American Baptist Convention. We are now an independent congregation of believers, not governed by any other ecclesiastical body, but accountable only to Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church.


On March 1, 1879, it was motioned and carried that "this church be used for nothing else, but for the worship of God.” To the legacy of our forefathers, we say “AMEN.”